Strength of Heart Ministries

Psalm 73:26


SOHM is a non-profit Christian organization 501c3, serving with children & adults with disabilities in Grand Goave, Haiti. The ministry assists in friendship, medical care, nutrition support, transportation, employment, and education. It is solely funded through donations. Please, contact Shanda Gobeli ( to learn more about this ministry.

Chobin "Joy", knew she was loved before passing away in 2019.

Shanda Gobeli knows that living with a disability is difficult. Born with Cerebral Palsy, she uses a wheelchair full-time. "I've always knew God wanted to use my weakness to help others see the wonder of desperately depending on God's strength," Shanda says. "Meeting individuals with disabilities in Haiti inspires me to rely on the Lord not only for my own needs, but to advocate for the needs of others."

Shanda & Saraphina in Haiti

The Strength of Heart Ministry team remains in place and on the ground in the midst of the country's civil and spiritual chaos. The team provides monthly food for 15-20 individuals with disabilities along with their caregivers (if they have one) 365 days a year.

Transportation & delivery of food is dangerous and difficult. And is only part of the work. Medical care and spiritual support also continue in spite of the many devastatingly challenging circumstances. Having a deeply committed team who can navigate the complexities of Haitian culture with compassion and wisdom is priceless.