About Strength of Heart Ministries

Strength of Heart Ministries (SOHM) in Haiti began as a nonprofit 501c3 in 2016. Shanda (founder) with her husband, Tim met Garvens (pictured on right), a young man found shackled by chains in an alley due to his disability. His captivity revealed the desperate need for ministry to the disabled in the community of Grand Goave

Although sickness is an all-too-common condition in Haiti, disability is different. It is associated with shame, fear, isolation, and despair. In a culture of constant suffering, people with disabilities appear to be invisible to most. Yet no place has a higher concentration of individuals with disabilities than Haiti.

SOHM assist Haitians with disabilities. In global hotspots such as Haiti, the weak often become victims of their own culture.

By the grace of God, we see those who are unseen by the world around them.

We believe all people are created in God's image. Every individual is valuable in His sight.


As God empowers SOHM workers to see and love Haitians with disabilities, we hear their souls longing for hope. To this end, we invest our prayers, friendships, finances, and time through SOHM with the disability community in Grand Goave. We share God's love through food relief, medical care, home visits, transportation, school, and more. We care for the whole person... beyond the rice and beans.

Junior, with his new wheelchair & monthly supply of food


SOHM's boots on the ground include our Haitian team members who serve those in the disability community work full-time with SOHM. Even when mission teams are unable to travel to Haiti due to safety issues, the ministry keeps going strong!

Odenet "Maestro" Michel and his wife Elsie

SOHM Administrators since 2016.

Pastor Walner

SOHM Pastor/Shephard

Magnel Michel & his wife Mary

SOHM Disability Specialist




She joined the SOHM team in 2020, assisting those with disabilities who are unable to care for themselves.