About Strength of Heart

Strength of Heart Ministry began as a speaking and writing ministry of Shanda Grubb in 2004. Cerebral Palsy affects Shanda's speech and mobility, but her disability serves as a strategic tool in the hand of God. Her own physical struggles have shaped and sharpened her, equipping her to minister to others. After years of motivational speaking to hundreds of audiences worldwide, Shanda sensed a deeper desire to focus her attention on leading and training smaller groups and individuals with disabilities through counseling the Word of God and intense discipleship. She has authored four books and numerous devotionals highlighting the topics of Spiritual Warfare and prayer. These books include two Poetry books. (Heart Force, Confessions of an off-balanced Prayer Warrior, A Stranger Called Mercy, When a Soul Breathes). A sampling of her devotional writings can be found on the Devotionals Page.

SOHM has grown along with Shanda's vision of expanded ministry to people with disabilities in other countries. According to God's provision and strength, she and her husband Tim devote their time, resources, and energy towards the disability community in Grand Goave, Haiti. It is rugged and raw; yet beneath the layers of all that is foreign and difficult, lies the heartbeat of a people longing to know love and have purpose. SOHM invites others to join with the ministry to truly make an immediate, tangible impact that can be seen through real time pictures, videos, and accounts. We have boots on the ground in Haiti who know the people and the culture, and do hands-on daily disability ministry. We often Skype with our Haiti ministry team for updates, prayer, and worship. The Gospel is shared, the hungry are fed, and disciples are made. SOHM also assists with housing and transportation for individuals with disabilities and their families who do not receive any other outside help. Most disabled Haitians are unable to find jobs. The majority of work in Haiti involves hard physical labor such as making charcoal, cutting sugarcane, and farming. Education costs money families do not have, so many children with disabled parents or who have disabilities themselves cannot go to school. SOHM provides sponsorships for these kids to go to school or have individual tutors.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of seven remarkable men and women of God. We work directly with Haitian believers with disabilities, equipping them to minister with their own people in their own culture. Together with God, We. Are. Unstoppable! By equipping and assisting nationals, support and resources go directly toward those who may have fallen through the cracks. As each person is strengthened, they then can affect those around them; they bear witness to the grace of God in their lives. The disabled of Haiti embody hearts with dreams, souls thirsty for purpose, and spirits in need of a Savior. Rather than a mission to the masses, Strength of Heart Ministries exists to assist individuals become lights in the darkness in the disability community of Grand Goave, Haiti. The goal? Reduce barriers of devastating poverty and hopelessness, and offer opportunities to realize their true identity and destiny in Christ. Every person deserves the chance know the one true God, and to discover their fullest God-given potential and abilities.

Our greatest desire is to lead men, women, and children into the arms of Jesus. He is the One who can give strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow and for eternity.