What can I do?

Three (3) important ways you can make a difference:

1] Become a monthly financial partner by going to the Support page on SOHM website;

2] Become a peer-to-peer fundraising partner by sharing SOHM's mission with 10 friends/family members;

3] Invite Shanda & Tim to present the ministry by hosting a SOHM event (in-person or virtual) at your church or organization.

Meet Barbarra and her "grandmother". Barbarra was rescued from being drowned by her own mother because of her disability as an infant. The neighbor who was moved with compassion took Barbarra in and cared for her for the next 16 years, becoming her sole caretaker until Barbarra passed away in 2018. SOHM built them a house to replace the hut that had holes and a tree growing out of the top.

Barbarra in her new SOHM house, enjoying her new bed.