Why Haiti?


The nation of Haiti offers many obvious reasons for ministry. Haiti is a complex country with a haunting beauty all its own. Its society shaped by brutality, poverty, and courage speaks a silent, mysterious language. Its poverty rivals even the most desolate streets of Calcutta. Every face tells a story. Survival, especially for the disabled, can be excruciating. Much of the disability community in Haiti exists as an "underground subculture". Living in plain sight, they remain invisible within Haitian society. And many are hidden away in alleys, shanties, and in the mountains. These invisible individuals are SOHM's ministry focus. Every person matters!

Haiti is located two hours from Miami. Funding and energy go directly for ministry and less on travel expenses. The ability to arrive in one day is priceless as it provides more time in the field. The teams are generally small so that in-country transportation stays simple. We travel with Haitians and hire locally to create jobs. SOHM does not ship food or clothing from the United States. Most necessary items are available in Haiti; buying from local markets instead of bringing things from the USA help the Haitian agriculture and economy. Exceptions include wheelchairs that people donate in the US and SOHM team members transport them as extra luggage. Fresh produce and protein are purchase on the same day as it is delivered to SOHM families. When possible, persons with disabilities go with the team so they can make personal selections.

Tim & Shanda Gobeli are planning a scouting/prayer trip back to Haiti in January 2018. A small team will accompany the Gobeli's in 2019.

Frantaxia is a beautiful, intelligent young lady

who dreams of making a difference

in her Haitian neighborhood.